Grow Online Faster with Bikri: Unleash the Power of Multi-channel Promotion

30th August 2023 | 15 munites read

In a digital world bustling with potential customers, your journey towards rapid online growth starts with strategic promotion. At Bikri, we're committed to empowering your business  journey with innovative tools. Whether you're looking to harness the power of QR codes or leverage WhatsApp broadcast messaging, we've got the solutions you need to elevate your business to the next level. Here's how you can grow online faster with Bikri:


1. Diverse Promotional Avenues:

Promoting your products and services where your potential customers are is essential. With Bikri's toolkit, you have the power to explore various avenues, ensuring your brand resonates across multiple touchpoints.


2. QR Codes for Seamless Engagement:

Generate QR codes effortlessly with Bikri. These codes act as digital bridges, allowing customers to instantly access your online shop. Simply share QR codes on your packaging, flyers, or marketing materials to enhance customer engagement and facilitate hassle-free shopping experiences.


3. WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging:

Engage directly with your audience using the immensely popular WhatsApp platform. Leverage Bikri's WhatsApp broadcast messaging feature to send personalised updates, promotions, and product launches. This direct approach fosters a strong brand-customer connection, leading to increased loyalty and conversions.


Quick Ways to Grow Online Faster:


Website: Elevate your online presence by creating a FREE online shop website with Bikri. This personalised website becomes your digital storefront, providing customers with a seamless browsing and shopping experience.


Social Media: Amplify your reach by sharing your store link across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Leverage the power of visual storytelling and engage your audience through interactive content.


Marketing Magic: Implement enticing strategies like discount coupons and gift cards to enthral your customers. With Bikri's integrated SEO tools, optimise your online shop to stand out in search engine results, ensuring maximum visibility.


Bikri empowers you with the tools to grow online faster, enabling your business to thrive in the digital landscape. Through strategic promotion, multi-channel engagement, and innovative features, your online journey with Bikri promises rapid growth and exceptional success. Explore the possibilities and take your business to unprecedented heights today!